Help me help Houston


Many (most?) of you know that I am a Houstonian. Houston is the first place I lived after college, went to law school, the first place I pretended to be an adult. It is where I met my husband, where we got married, where he did his medical training, and where we had 3 of our kiddos.

We lived in Meyerland (you have seen my neighborhood on the news, I promise) and adored our ‘hood and our community. While I spent the better part of 10 years whining and complaining about the heat and cockroaches, the friends that I made there taught me so much about caring, giving, love, and support. And yes. I look forward to visiting home in July. If nothing else, those trips remind me how much I love Colorado!
I am heartbroken watching these special friends being rescued– losing everything for the 3rd time in 3 years– wondering how they are going to start over. Again. Not being able to help, other than posting to the echo chamber kills me. Watching places with so many memories attached to them is heart wrenching.

Right now, the only thing that I can do is give support and solicit support. I am asking you, if you haven’t given yet, please help us support the city and people that mean so much. Here is a list of places to donate*:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund: Set up by Mayor Turner and housed at the Greater Houston Community Foundation. 

United Way Houston Relief

J.J Watts Houston Relief Fund: Set up by Texans star, JJ Watts. He is matching donations, I believe and there are no admin fees. 

Houston Food Bank: They will be responding to short and long term needs. 

Texas Diaper Bank: specify donation toward Harvey relief. 

Chabad Lubavitch of Texas Relief Fund and Amazon Wish List: Aid will go directly to those in immediate need. 

Aishel House: Normally serving the needs of families staying in the Texas Medical Center, but now reaching out to those in shelters and displaced, as well. 

* Some organizations are denominational, but are serving the needs of the general community.  This is by NO MEANS an exhaustive list and I will likely be updating with more places.